Central Park + In Home Engagement Session // New York City (Part 2) Another fun thing to note is how very much Philip and Zanza love brunch. Possibly, dare I say it, more than we do?! Along with their ridiculously cuddly dog, Luna, Z+P invited us into their amazing upper west side apartment to continue […]

Central Park + In Home Engagement Session // New York City (Part 1) Zanza and Philip are probably one of the world’s coolest couples. She is not only a phenomenal dancer but has created a non-profit dance company that serves humanity through art. I mean, they have done everything from offering free classes to under […]

Engagement // Fairmount Park, Philadelphia This couple couldn’t be sweeter. We actually met them at Sam and Jim’s wedding (see one of the earlier posts) where she was one of Sam’s bridesmaids! Marisa and June are getting married in October and we can’t wait to be there to celebrate their wedding!

ENGAGEMENT // York, PA As you are about to see in this sneak peek, we have WAY too much fun 🙂 Just kidding! There’s no such thing as too much fun. BUT we seriously laughed for about 2 hours straight with this adorable couple. When Shannon asked us for a recommendation for locations for the […]

Engagement // Lancaster, PA

ENGAGEMENT // York, PA We first sat down with Chelsea and Matt over a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee spot in Lancaster (Mean Cup, incase you were wondering). Within minutes we were laughing away and starting to plan their engagement session. In talking with them we learned that they both love beer. In […]

SWEET FAMILY ENGAGEMENT // Philadelphia, PA Ok, I made a brand new category just for this session. A “sweet family engagement” is the best category I could think of because … well… just look at them! How adorable is this family? If you ask them, Sam and Jim will tell you that they have been together […]

ENGAGEMENT // Lancaster, PA Daniela contacted us a few months ago because she and her new fiance, Stan, were coming into town for his work and she wanted to surprise him with an engagement session! She wasn’t very familiar with Lancaster or the surrounding areas so she left it up to us to find some […]

ENGAGEMENT // Philadelphia, PA We met up with Anja + Mike on the steps of the famous Philadelphia Art Museum in the wee hours of the morning and boy was it cooooold outside! These two were troopers! They didn’t even bring extra coats! (If I had turned the camera around, you would be laughing at the girl […]

ENGAGEMENT // Lancaster, PA   When we sit down with our couples to talk about the engagement session, we love to ask them all sorts of “get to know you” questions about who they are, what they love, how they got engaged… you get the picture. Not only is it helpful to plan the engagement […]