17 Best Places for Engagement Photos in Philadelphia (& Lancaster!)

July 1, 2022

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So, it’s official; you’re engaged! Now comes the fun part – engagement pictures with your photographer. Luckily, if you’re in Pennsylvania, I’ve got you covered with the best places for engagement photos in Philadelphia and central PA.

As a Lancaster wedding photographer, I’ve been lucky enough to photograph many couples all around the area and have had these places officially scouted for you. Each has been carefully handpicked to ensure that you will have some of the most beautiful engagement photos you’ll remember for years to come.

Keep reading to learn all about the best places for engagement photos in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

Pinnacle Overlook, Lancaster

One of the most breathtaking best places for engagement photos in Pennslyvania is Pinnacle Overlook. This scenic spot in Lancaster looks beautiful all times of day (and year!), but especially in the early morning at sunrise and evening at sunset.

The view is of the nearby forest and Susquehanna River. At just shy of 400 feet high, the ridge provides a panoramic scenic backdrop that is perfect for all engagement photos. Couples who love adventure will love this location.

Lancaster County Central Park, Lancaster

One of the most tranquil locations for engagement pictures is Lancaster County Central Park. It’s rather large at just over 500 acres and features many different scenery types throughout, including trails, a pool, and even a skate park, making for fun and classic photos.

Couples who love greenery but don’t want a location far from the city will enjoy this place for their photos. Plus, I’ve been there a few times and know all the best serene spots to snap pictures in Lancaster County Central Park!

Conestoga House and Gardens, Lancaster 

While I haven’t yet shot at Conestoga House and Gardens (I will be soon!), it truly is one of the most beautiful engagement picture locations. It’s located in Lancaster and has an ethereal yet natural atmosphere.

The house itself dates back to the 1800s and features breathtaking architecture that serves as the perfect backdrop. Plus, the gardens in spring and summer are genuinely unmatched, especially for couples who want more clean and whimsical engagement photos. It is only open a few months of the year and only on specific days of the week so we have to plan ahead!

Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square

For an excellent botanical garden location that’s perfect for engagement pictures, look no further than Longwood Gardens. It’s between Philadelphia and Lancaster and is rather large at over 1000 acres of gorgeous greenery.

During the day, the botanic garden is so bright and cheerful with its beautiful flora and fauna. The gardens almost look like they belong in front of a French chateau; that’s how magical they are. If you’re lucky, the fountains will even be on during your photos!

Ridley Creek State Park, Media 

Ridley Creek State Park is another excellent location for engagement photos. I’ve even shot weddings there before! Because of its large size (just over 2500 acres), it’s very easy to find a secluded place for engagement photos away from the crowds.

Throughout the park, there are natural waterfalls, lakes, and other green spaces that serve as perfect backdrops for photos. Plus, if you hire me, I’ll be sure to scout out some incredible locations throughout the park just for your photos!

Ott’s Exotic Plants, Schwenksville

Ott’s Exotic Plants is a beautiful greenhouse, perfect for taking engagement pictures. It’s located in Schwenksville, which isn’t that far from Lancaster or Philadelphia. Natural light is abundant from the ceilings.

Ott’s Exotic Plants is perfect for some incredibly unique pictures that can be either moody or bright. There are many beautiful colors throughout the greenhouse, allowing for lots of creativity in the photos.

Downtown Lancaster

This list of great places to take engagement photos near Philadelphia wouldn’t be complete without mentioning downtown Lancaster. The downtown area is filled with cute local cafes and shops that serve as the perfect backdrop.

What’s so great about downtown Lancaster is its urban vibe that some couples may love without being right in the middle of busy Philadelphia. There are also many hidden spots downtown that serve as a perfect backdrop.

Terrain, Devon 

While I haven’t captured a couple’s engagement at Terrain yet, it’s on my list and should be on yours (even if only for a visit)! This beautiful location has an upscale rustic atmosphere to it, which is perfect for engagement pictures.

There is also an abundance of indoor and outdoor spots with lots of natural lighting. Small details like natural plants help to add richness to the location while also making it feel down-to-earth.

White Cliffs of Conoy, Lancaster

Another scenic spot in Lancaster for engagement pictures is the White Cliffs of Conoy. This location is a little less well-known and overlooks the Susquehanna River, but features bright white rocky cliffs, creating a beautiful juxtaposition against the scenic background.

If you are not a fan of heights but still want an adventurous viewpoint for your engagement photos, opt for the White Cliffs of Conoy over Pinnacle Overlook, as they are only about 30 feet higher than the riverbank and if you bring your walking shoes we can actually scramble down to the river bank.

Art Museum, Philadelphia

The Art Museum is one of the Philly engagement photo locations you won’t want to miss out on. The steps in front of the museum alone serve as such a beautiful photo spot, especially in the early morning before crowds arrive.

What’s so great about the Art Museum is that it has a city/urban feel while still feeling laidback yet elegant. It’s perfect for couples who want to have more relaxing engagement pictures to look back on.

Spruce Street Harbor Park, Philadelphia

Located right along the water, Spruce Street Harbor Park is a scenic place to take engagement photos in Philadelphia! This tranquil park overlooks the water and even features the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

This is one of those locations that are truly gorgeous any time of day. It’s perfect for an early morning photo shoot or even a sunset engagement as well! Because of its location by the water, it’s also easy to get photos without many people in the background.

Merchant Exchange Building, Philadelphia

Another of the outdoor places to take engagement photos in Philadelphia is the Merchant Exchange Building. This beautiful piece of architecture serves as a bright and unique backdrop to any engagement pictures.

Plus, due to the size of the building, there are many different angles and even hidden spots around the exterior of the building that makes for fun imagery. The cobblestone street in front of the building helps to add some texture to all the pictures!

Horticulture Center + Japanese Gardens, Philadelphia

The Horticulture Center and Japanese Gardens in Philadelphia are filled with rich colors and lush greenery! Couples who want a natural backdrop for their engagement pictures will love this location.

There are beautiful gardens and jaw-dropping architectural structures in styles you won’t find throughout the rest of the city. There are also outdoor gardens and a greenhouse, and other hidden spots.

City Hall, Philadelphia

two women hugging each other and touching foreheads while on a city street

The ultimate urban location for engagement photos in Philadelphia is City Hall! Because of its location, it’s near impossible to get pictures without being busy, but that’s its beauty. Engagement pictures here will feature the liveliness of the city.

One of the best things about this location in Philadelphia is that the skyscrapers surrounding City Hall help frame it so beautifully in pictures. There are also beautiful spots inside the building for photos too.

Magic Gardens, Philadelphia

While I haven’t yet captured an engagement at Magic Gardens, it’s still a beautiful backdrop, especially for couples who love art. The Magic Gardens almost look like something you’d expect to see in Barcelona, like Gaudi’s artwork.

These walls are covered in brightly colored mosaics that create a fun-natured background in photos. Plus, there are unique structures throughout that help to add lots of unusual shapes to the imagery.

Murals, Philadelphia

Did somebody say color!? The murals in Philadelphia are a perfect engagement photo backdrop for couples who aren’t afraid of a bit of fun and quirkiness. There are tons of murals throughout the city to choose from, too.

The great thing about the murals is that no two photos will be the same because every mural is so different. No matter your style, you’re sure to find some incredible Philadelphia murals that will look perfect with you and your soon-to-be significant other.

Wissahickon Valley Park, Philadelphia

Last but certainly not least is Wissahickon Valley Park. This location is ideal for those who want a magical outdoor feeling in their engagement photos. There are rich, vibrant greens and muted browns throughout this park.

Because of the park’s size, there are lots of spots throughout for photos. There are trails, lakes, bridges, and more, all of which are incredibly scenic. It’s also reasonably easy to find a secluded spot for photos here.

Now you know all about the best places for engagement photos in Philadelphia and the surrounding area! If you’re still looking for the perfect photographer for your pictures, feel free to fill out my contact form. I’m in Lancaster and would love to capture your beautiful love story!

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