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Documentary Family Sessions

In fact, some of the most important memories you will make are the ones that happen in your own home every single day.

(Did I just blow your mind?)

Guess what? Family photos don’t need to be painful!

I’m talking about the kind of memories you make around the dinner table. And cuddled up on the couch. 

The belly laughs and silly faces. Your toddler’s morning hairdo. Chubby knuckled hands holding yours for support. The way your partner lovingly offers you the first bite of dessert. The pride in those little faces when they give you their newest artistic creation. Family hikes at the local park. Sleepy eyes and tired smiles. 

The list goes on. 

I am here to tell you that those moments MATTER.

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Those moments are exactly the reason everyone should have a Day in the Life Session. It is a slice of your life, preserved, exactly as it was. Do this year after year, filling your walls with prints and your shelves with albums, monuments to your family and the sweetness of daily life. These will become heirlooms you pass down to your kids to remind them just how loved they have always been.

This is so much more than your average family photo session. Every family has their own unique story so let’s take a day to tell yours. Totally unposed and perfectly unscripted. 

If a full Day in the Life feels too daunting at first (even though I know you're gonna love it) let's start with just a Slice! 

Learn more about the different sessions  HERE

 Day in the life sessions:
with full digital collection

Digital Images And product collections start at $500

basic sessions: 

a $300 non-refundable session fee is due at the time of booking 



travel included within the contiguous US


Reserve your date and sign the dotted line! (Jk, its all digital but you know what I mean!) We make it official.


Communication! Leading up to your day, you will receive email check ins and questionnaires to make sure we are still on the same page. You also have access to me throughout the process anytime you have questions or just want an opinion!


The big day! Let’s make some memories and take some awesome photos!


Sneak peeks! Within 24 hours you will receive a handful of sneak peeks


Custom slideshow/full proofing gallery will be delivered within 2- 4 weeks.


You ooh and ahhh and happy cry as you share your new memories with your friends and family! We make plans to see each other again soon :)

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The Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a basic family session, a slice of life session, and a day in the life session?

* A Basic Family Session*, or a basic family session, is more of the traditional family photos. We dress cute (or you do anyway, I'll be dressed the same way you've always seen me, lol), meet at a park or wherever excites you most, and we spend about an hour laughing and taking those more staged type of photos that you are used to seeing.

*Slice of Life Session* sort of splits the difference between the staged, traditional, family photos and the fully documentary style of the Day in the Life. You will end up with some directed photos and lots of candids. This type of session usually lasts about 3 hours or so depending on the activity/activities. These can take place in your home or we can choose do make it a fun outing instead!
Some in-home ideas for a Slice of Life session could be: cuddling on the couch with your favorite family book + baking cookies and eating them (obviously) + a game of tag. Making breakfast in your pjs and a board game.
Some outing ideas: a trip to the park + ice cream at your favorite shop, family arcade, boardwalk, etc.
For couples, make it the perfect date for the two of you and I'll just tag along! 

*Day in the Life Session* is entirely unposed, unprompted, documentary style photos of your day. Yes, I will be with you for a full day (it's SO much fun). This is awesome for families with kids! I arrive before the kids get up and leave once they are in bed. This means that you get photos of all the beautiful, tiny moments that happen in your life on a daily basis but that often go overlooked. The best part is, when you do your next Day in the Life session the following year, you'll reeeeeallly be able to see the how much your little ones have changed and grown! Add an album onto that and suddenly you are filling up your shelves with mini time capsules of your life. 

Check out this blog post to read even more!

What should we do all day?

At least some of the day should be a "normal" day for your family. But you can also definitely schedule a special activity too! Want to go to the zoo? Family beach day? Visit with the grandparents? Let’s do it! Looking for more ideas? Click here to get my guide “5 easy and fun things to do for an in home documentary session”

What if our lives are too boring? 

Guess what? There is no such thing as boring!!!! You may not realize it, because you spend each day together - but there are a million little moments that make up you day. Each one, exciting and unique to your family. That is the beauty of these sessions.

When do you actually come over?

If you are local to Lancaster, PA I will show up roughly 15 minutes before you expect the kids to wake up. If I am traveling to you, I can either arrive the day before to spend some time with your family and stay the night or I can book a hotel room and arrive the typical 15 minutes prior to wake up.

How should we prepare for this session?

Get out the coffee maker! (Lol... but seriously, I run on coffee! If you do not own a coffee maker, no worries, I'll bring my own!) I will be eating with you, so if you are pre-planning your meals make sure to account for an extra belly to feed. Also, let your kids know the day before that a friend will be coming over to take pictures! 

What if the kids don't cooperate?

No need to worry! So far, I have a 100% approval rating with all the kids that I have had the chance to spend the day with. I love meeting new friends of any age - most likely, your kids will ask if I can come back tomorrow :)

I'm ready to book, what’s next?

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"I don't know how [Mel] does it, both the experience with her and the images are effortless, beautiful and cherished for a lifetime."


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"Mel’s talent for bearing witness, engaging, and capturing the little nuances of our lives has left us teary-eyed more times than I can count when we see the final product."


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