Engagement// New York City // Zanza + Philip

May 13, 2018

Central Park + In Home Engagement Session // New York City

(Part 1)

Zanza and Philip are probably one of the world’s coolest couples. She is not only a phenomenal dancer but has created a non-profit dance company that serves humanity through art. I mean, they have done everything from offering free classes to under privileged kids to actually STARTING a school oversees for girls who wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance at an education. (What?!) Phil works with theaters to help them provide sensory friendly performances so that every body can have the chance to enjoy the theatre. Did I mention how cool these two humans are?


So, they invited us up to NYC for an engagement session! They couldn’t decide between an outdoor or in-home session…. so we wound up going for both! Stay tuned for part 2 (that’s the indoor part)!



…(to be continued.)


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