Loves hugs.

Always cold.

Totally addicted to coffee.

Talks back to the tv when we’re watching movies.

Tells awesomely bad jokes.


Cries when she cries.

Would eat pizza every single day if he could.

Doesn’t mind doing the laundry.

Never says no to a friend in need.

Does a great Irish accent.


Mammals. Photographers. Singers. Believers. Nomads. Lovers of baked goods. Supporters of Equality. Happily moving forward.

Hi! We are Mel and Kevin, a wife and husband duo-extraordinaire! (At least we like to think so. As you can tell by our free flowing high-fives.) Photographers based in Lancaster, PA.

Both Kevin and I have received degrees in -you guessed it – Music Theater! Oh, not what you were thinking? Well, I’m sure that would have been your second guess. We are extreme lovers (read: geeks) of music and theater of all shapes and sizes. Since graduating college, we have been so very blessed with many opportunities to perform and travel across the globe. It was during those travels that we were able to buy our first camera, then our second, third….

Traveling has allowed us to hone our skills and meet and photograph TONS of people while our backgrounds have given us an intimate understanding of the power of an image both personally and professionally.

We want to provide a truly FUN and personal experience to each and every client.

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to learn a bit about us. We can’t wait to return the attention. Awaiting the chance to capture the next step in our journey and hopefully yours too!

With Joy,
Mel & Kevin